sounds about right

So my inner therapist is telling me that in this stage of my life there needs to be a alternative method to organizing my thoughts. Why not utilize a blog? Thousands if not millions of people blog weekly if not monthly, there has to be a reason for it. I think the catalyst to my blogging is the crossroads that I find myself at in the current date and time in my life.

Currently I am a working professional. I work in the mental health field with adults with disabilities. I’m 25, single, and a white male. The standards I have set for myself are high. Professional gains, monetary gains, status gains, ect….they’ve been reached. I’m now on a mission of social and interpersonal gains. Longing for connection with another human being on a whole different level. Trusting and loving others has not always been my strong suit, but I’m hoping that in journaling a little that I might be able to find some common themes, address said themes, and continue my journey through middle America and the lifestyle that is attached to that ideal. I know that I am not one to want the big lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous, but rather a life worth being happy about in the end. A life that I can share with a family of my own.